Mt 19.13-15 The Little Children and Jesus


Up to this point, the disciples of Jesus hadn’t shown opposition in allowing crowds come to him. This time, they didn’t have a welcoming attitude toward the ones who were coming: little children.

We can fall into the mistake to don’t see the importance of the children’s approach to Jesus. Maybe we talk about Jesus to people who we think are more mature, and tell the children to go somewhere else to play as if their presence is just a distraction or interruption. Jesus tells us to let the children come to him.

May God bless you: the one who works with children at church, school or community. You are making a valuable effort and may God give you encouragement to continue and share the salvation Jesus has for them. To the ones in ministries that aren’t focused on children; may God bless your ministry and, in what you serve, try to share time with the kids, show them Jesus’ love and make them feel how important they are to Jesus through the importance you give to them. 😀


Mt 4.18-22 Jesus calls his first disciples

Jesus calls four fishermen. They had no idea about what they will live and the impact they will have on humanity. 🙂
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I changed suddenly from night to day because of the details of:
Matthew: Jesus saw fishermen casting a net (working). Then, called them to be fishers of men.
Luke 5.5,10: Before calling, Simon tells Jesus that they had worked all night and caught nothing. 😉

What would have been the reaction of Zebedee when he saw his sons leaving?
Did any family discussion took place? 😕