3 thoughts on “Fuego!

  1. Ginger Hightower says:

    My minister is in the book of Matthew and, with the presence of Covid I’m charged with making videos for our kids each week. I just found your comics and love them. We mostly have younger children but I think my few older kiddos will really enjoy your way of presenting the scripture. I have given you complete credit of course! You have an amazing talent. Thank you for using it in this way; reaching kids and teaching valuable lessons. I will be using your Parable of the Unfaithful Servant for September 6th. It reaches 100 people maybe. I do a video introduction of the scripture, sometimes a small object lesson, then illustrations for the scripture then another video of me to wrap it all up. You can see past videos on our website. Go to http://www.centralumcmonroe.org – Click on ministries, then central Kids then Video Messages 4 Kids. Peace and blessings to you! Ginger

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