The Flood




Introductory activity: Water game. 😀
Form 2 teams. Kids pass water above their heads with glasses. See which team fills first a large glass at the end of the line. Do several rounds.

Bible passage: Genesis 6-9
God saw that all the people were doing bad things so He will punish their sin with lots of water; but not everybody will die. God told a man named Noah that a flood was coming but he and his family will be saved if they trust His word and build an ark where get in, with many animals. God fulfilled His word and in a just way He punished those who did what is bad, and saved those who believed. The rainbow will be a reminder of what happened.
Application to our life: Like in Noah’s times, evil abounds in our world. God will punish sin, but He also gives us a way to be saved: believing in Jesus. He is the Son of God, who lived without sin, died in a cross for us and God resurrected him. Those who believe in Jesus receive eternal life and won’t suffer the punishment of this world, but they will live forever with God.

Didactic activity: Ark
The kids draw an ark and a rainbow. They practice reading and pronunciation of vowels. Kids receive pictures of 4 animals and their names in disorder. They complete the names of the animals writing the vowels. They paste the animals with their respectives names.