The Creation

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Bible passage: Genesis 1 🙂
In the beginning God was alone. He decided to create everything and with his word He made the light, the sky, the land, the trees and plants; the sun, the moon and the stars; the animals that fly, those who swim and those who goes through earth.
Question: Of all what God made, what do you like the most?
Of all what God made, what do you think He loves the must? The people! God made them very different to everything else. He talks to them. He gives them a beautiful world and the responsability of take care of it.
Application to our lifes: Your are very important for God! He loves you and has responsabilities for you.

Game: Numbers from 1 to 7 😀
Place the numbers in order looking who does it fastest. Count in Spanish and English. Remember that God did everything in 6 days and rested in day 7.

Craft: Card 😀
Illustrate the 7 days of the creation.

Activity: Excursion 😀
Visit a park where kids can see different animals God made.

“In the beginning God made sky and land”