Mt 19.1-12 Divorce



Last week in my country, a “march for the family” was done and one of the messages proclaimed was the “original design”: marriage between man and woman; because some sectors are promoting gender ideology, gay pride, gay marriage, etc.

As christians we can defend heterosexual marriage as the “original design” but in the above verses Jesus says that the “original design” also includes staying faithful to the commitment made in marriage and, sadly, we must recognize that in many of our churches we have also deviated of this part of the “original design”. And even if we look at those men who haven’t divorced their wives, in Matthew 5 Jesus says that look at another woman lustfully is adultery so even that is a sin against what God designed. All these shows us that there is no one righteous. We all have failed to God… regardless of whether we are heterosexual or homosexual.

We all need God’s salvation through faith in Jesus. Even if my country remains recognizing as marriage the union between a man and a woman; or doesn’t include gender ideology curriculum at schools; if people don’t know Jesus, they will still not receive salvation… in fact, I would not be surprised that, among those who will spend eternity without God, the majority might be heterosexual.

And you, beyond your stance on topics like marriage, gender ideology, etc.; do you have eternal life?

I will give you a link where fellow brothers can chat with you about the fundamental topic:

How to get to Heaven? (BBN)

And if we already have salvation through Jesus; may God give us grace in addressing this and other issues, recognizing that God’s mercy saved us as we were and then He started to work in us. 🙂